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I love photography and I love talking about it and learning about it even more. My pictures have been sitting in a virtual box forever. It is time to get them out and talk about them. I hope you like what you see and please comment if you have something to add.

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Watson Lake Panorama

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Took a trip up to Prescott to scout out some fishing spots and try to capture a few good shots. I took this six-image pano when I got there. This WordPress theme doesn’t play well with wide images so I cropped it a bit for this post. The full image can be seen on my Flickr page HERE.

Watson lake is quite small. The center of this image looks across the widest point. If you click to the larger image you can see several people kayaking in the middle. The contrast of the water rising up amongst the rocks is beautiful. The rock formations are the Southernmost part of (more…)

UV Filters and You.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

A friend recently asked me about the need for a UV filter on a lens. Others have asked me about this in the past. It seemed like a good opportunity to write about it.

An L39 UV filter

photo by Ashley Pomeroy

First and foremost, a UV filter can be seen as an insurance policy. A $20 piece of glass that protects $100s of glass.
You don’t have to adjust exposure or shutter speed for a UV filter in any conditions like you would for a polarizer or an ND filter. So basically, you can put it on your lens and leave it there. Other filters screw right on top of a UV filter. I buy a UV filter for every lens I have and leave them on the lens 24/7.

Besides the insurance, why use a UV filter? To my understanding, a cameras sensor (and even film) is sensitive to Red, Green and Blue light. UV light falls in the Blue end of non-visible light and the sensor is sensitive to light outside of the visible spectrum. That non-visible light can over-saturate the sensor and can often manifest as a blue cast over the image. This affect becomes more likely as you gain altitude as there is less atmosphere filtering the UV light. (more…)

Chihuly Sculpture, Desert Botanical Gardens

Monday, May 30th, 2011
Chihuly Sculpture

Chihuly sculpture scene, Desert Botanical Gardens 2009


This shot is of one of many of the scenes of the exhibit Chihuly: The Nature of Glass. The exhibit was on display at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ from Nov. 22nd 2008 to May 31st 2009.

In this shot I did a lot of dodging and burning within the plants and also on the glass itself. This HDR result was from 3 bracketed exposures. I was trying to just ever-so-slightly add a painted look to the shot. I pushed the HDR effect a bit to bring out the clouds in the sky which appeared very bland in the source exposures.
Out of the camera the glass just didn’t have the shine and luster that it did in person. It was mid-afternoon and I wish i could have been there earlier in the morning for better light. I don’t recall what cast that shadow on the saguaro in the foreground.


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